Press and Feeback


Some lovely reviews that we’ve had for past shows…

Simple Lampoon
“It’s like going to the pub and telling drunken stories with your friends, but you get to tell all your favourite stories that your friends are already sick of. ”

Author Amelia Carruther’s Blog
“Festivities started with a bang, with a song from Will – and after that, over two hours of short stories, funny stories, heartwarming stories, dark, devilish and truly disturbing stories, poems, anecdotes, comedy followed. I was struck by the bravery of all involved – prepared to share their work with a room full of (albeit incredibly welcoming) strangers ­­– and their bravery was very much appreciated.”

Girl in Bristol’s Blog
“If you’re looking for a mid-week storytelling event which doesn’t take itself too seriously – Let me tell you a story Jack is well worth a look in. Hats off to you Shonette and Will, you have created something truly fabulous here.”

Author David J Rodger’s Blog
“The crowd was great. Patient and appreciative of the diverse range of folks stepping up to grab the mic.” (includes a lovely video of our first show!)

“Really liked the format of having Will singing songs and the “Lies & Deceit” post-it notes livening up things in-between the readings.”

Author L.E. Turner’s Blog
“I can only describe [host] Will as the result of a genetic splicing between The Rutles and the Kinks, who was then raised semi-wild by folk singers.”

A Great Little Place Called Bristol
“We travelled around the world with a brave Belgian guy who was locked up for giving free hugs in Iran, we heard a very frustrated love letter from a guy who was hoping “she” still loves him, we also laughed with the anecdotes of a guy who was looking for a job as a stand-up comedian, and we flew far away to Canada to save a polar bear from being lost.”

The Bristol Post

We’ve also been a Pick of the Week on Bristol 24/7 several times now, hooray!



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